College Portfolio - First attempt at Flash

This would be my first real Flash attempt. I am making a portfolio for my college applications to Parsons, UAT, and a few others. I would like any constructive critisism or critiques on the layout, graphics, etc. I am going for techy-gore look. Grunge, I suppose? I have to customize the scrollbar and such yet, so try not to pick on that so much. Also, it seems to scroll even when there is no text. Whoops.
Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for what I could do to bring more character to the polaroids? I haven’t finished the handwriting animation I am doing on them to label them, but I am still drawing a blank on how to animate them on mouseover or clicks. Should I even bother doing that? A film grain effect inside the polaroid, perhaps?

Speaking of which, would it look too tacky to add a film grain effect the the whole of the project?

Thanks in advance, folks :slight_smile: