Collision Detection Problem

I am using the following code to goto a frame when two movie clips come into contact. I will post the .fla in a second. But, I have a trashcan (object), and a skateboard (container), which i want to decrease the score and show the frames in the framename sketchy.

My problem is that I have a container, which gets different movieclips loaded into it by linkage. I want to use the container as the skateboard, alowing whatever is currently in the container to be what is coming into contact with the trashcan. If anyone can help me, it is much appreciated, thanks.

Code in frame:
[AS]if (container.hitTest(object)) {
// Make the skateboard go to the dead frame:
container.gotoAndStop (“sketchy”);
// Decrease current score:
score = score - 50;
// Tell us the game is over:
status = “Gameover”;

Here is the .fla