Collision detection

Ok…look at the footer below, you’ll see a circle around your head. That’s your head. If you hold mouse button the MC plays. NOW…if the field vision (green thing) touches your head WHILE holding mouse button…it sends you to frame 2 or choose your own.


i didn’t knew if it was THAT complicated! :slight_smile:

is there a question here? Are you asking how to make that happen?

Yes i am asking how to make that happen. :))

When that green thing touches you while you’re holding the mouse button, it sends you to other frame…how to make that?


hmm… well… without your fla, I cannot tell you specifics, but it would be something like…

you have to check for value of red bar while doing on press…


if (redbar._height<100){


          trace("you were spotted");



or something like that.

good luck!

It doesn’t work but you got it wrong so here’s the fla

wrong link!
i’ll try to attach the file…no it is too big! (140kb)
so i’ll send it to your email
(check your email)

nono…try again!

it should work now…

copy the url into the text box of your explorer (like you don’t know that)