Collision/physics question (on holiday project)

Hi Everyone-

I’m trying to make a whole bunch of ornaments (for this holiday season) move/feel realistic. the idea is that a visitor will hang their own ornament on a tree.

I have the ornaments working…through, as you’ll notice in the attached .fla that the physics of the ornament swing aren’t perfect. (The bulb is rotating too much.) This ornament thingie is a modified version of: …but its updated. Drag the little red dots and you can move 'em around.

A couple things missing:

  1. a delete onEnterFrame for when the xspeed (swing motion) of the ornament gets <= .01.

  2. collision detection - i placed a single ornament on the page. if it collides w/ any of the ornaments generated in the for loop, I want it to complain. (simple trace is ok for now.)

  3. proper swinging physics of each ornament. the green one which is placed on the stage manually goes crazy. think it has something to do w/ localToGlobal.

Anyhow, hope you will have some input. I promise to post the code once I get it right.