Color drift

if you look at the rgb file in photoshop, the purple is washed out in flashmx.

is this me again?

the file

not sure what you are seeing, but I downloaded both files and
don’t see anything wrong with the colors [??].

washed out?

i work with color a lot and i look for subtleties in hue sat etc.

the photshop is a purplish color, but after importing it to flash, the image has drifted from purple towards light blue.

the difference is noticeble if the two files are viewed simultaneously or side by side.

ok i’ll give that a try…

In the meantime, try going to the Library, and checking the
properties of that bitmap. make sure that smoothing is NOT
checked, and also that the quality of the jpeg image is up.

photoshop has its own color settings for displaying its colors. Chances are they are just different than ‘normal’ display settings. Either that or you might be workign in CMYK or somehting. Have you tried opening the image in another application and comparing that to the Flash version?