Color schemes tutorials?

hey guys, do you know of any tutorials about choosing colors for a page? I want something on finding colors that go well together, how to make a color scheme by picking colors with different hue, etc.

OH! I found a good one… check this link out:

they’re selling a program, but they have good explanations of color schemes for web design…

umm, I gotta check it, thanks lava!

Ooh…cool link. I never understood color theory or its importance - guess it would be a time for me to learn about it. It just seems like trying to explain why objects fall to the ground - useful to know but not knowing it will not affect you in any way.

Kirupa :goatee:

well… the problem was that I was picking colors that I thought look good, but when I put them together they just didn’t go… (if you want to see what I’m talking about, go to and check out the menu).
But now I know a little better how to pick the colors due to that tutorial… so I’m going to change it

Nice site Lava - good find :slight_smile:

I find this stuff fun and interesting. We had a class in college that dealt with JUST THIS and it was pretty cool. We got really deep into the meanings of colours and such… very cool stuff.

Man, I just downloaded their program, and it’s so freaking awesome!! And you can get it for free if you put a link to it on your page…

Kirupa, you should get it… it’s really good.

check out another program…

This is a GREAT thread. good job lavaboy. I think everyone should read this. It makes design a lot easier.

bumping it so that more people can check out that site.

I posted a while ago looking for Color THeory articles. Egeek gave me a good link you might like:

Here was the thread:

I’ve been using

It’s so simple :: Daveman