Color shifting between adobe and macromedia?

I built a layout for a website in photoshop and made half of it flash. I saved the cropped flash area as a png, imported into flash, put my full jpeg into fireworks to slice it and then put it in dreamweaver. When I switch the jpeg slice with my swf file the colors don’t match at all. Any ideas? I believe it occurs when I put the png into flash but my fiance said he thinks its a dreamweaver problem. Any help would be great, thanks!


Color issues can be a real pain. First thing to check is make sure anything you’re taking out of photoshop and bringing into Flash or Dreamweaver is saved as RGB and not CMYK. I’m always accidentally doing that here at work because we’ll have graphics made for print that i’ll be taking into webpages and i always forget to change them. That’ll always make the colors off. Outside of that, i’m not sure what to tell you. Dreamweaver colors are always exact and unfortunately jpegs sometimes get their colors off from what they originally were. I’m not sure about color with .png’s, i haven’t worked with them a whole lot. Sorry i’m not more help, i know it’s frustrating though.