Color.Transform to?

Hey Kiruopians:

I’ve got a really bad *** idea for a design but I want to implement having a movie clip randomly change color.

How can I make my movie clip randomly switch colors with a push of a button??

By the way I’m using flash MX and I am still intermediate when it comes to coding.

thanks in advance

someone posted a few days ago with a question close to yours. prehaps this will help.

If you want a random color everytime you press a button I’d just stick all my desired colors in an array and have your flash movie call this array every time the button is clicked. I’m not the greatest coder in the world so I’m not entirely sure how you’d do this but I’ll have a go at coding it for you if you’d like.

If anyone else can code this then it would save me being humiliated by my bad coding skills.


Thank man. I really didn’t think about it that way. And don’t worry I’m a pretty bad coder still but getting better. I’ll try coding but probably end up posting back here to see if someone can help me out.