i have a simple question plz help me\ri have write a script for little game called baloon\rthe idea is simple is just\ri have 4 drawed baloon and 5 button with a deffrent color when i click on any button and hit any baloon just get colored with this color.\rmy problem is i want to color all the baloon with any button color from this 5 button and when the ballon get colored \rfly in the air \rthe script baloon MC is\ronclipevnt(mousedown){\rif (_root.hitTest(_root._xmouse,_root.ymouse)){\r_root.check(this)\r_root.x1=1\r}}\r\rthe check function is have a color value\r\rand the button it’s script for each button\ron(press){\rindex==1\r}\rbut my real probelm in this script when i press without any press on any button just press on the baloon get away \ronclipevent(enterframe){\rif(_root.X1==1 && _root.X2==1 &&_root.X3==1 && _root.X4==1){\r_root.MC._y +=5\r}}\r\r\rthx

here is a fla with a function that will change the colors of multiple movie clips.\…bjects.swf\r[url=“”]…bjects.fla\rhope that helps!\r:) \rjeremy

There’s a tute called s’thing like setRGB on this site. Check it out, I think that you’ll be able to do what you want to do.\r\rpom 0]

you should also check out “for…in”, in the action script dictionary provided with Flash.