Colour-changing words!

How can i make words whcih are changing colour when i scroll over it??? How can i make them in the Homestead-Sitebuilder? or can i download some Pre-programmed words, which i can change text and colour??

Example: On the Kiruna-page, the words which are underlined when i get my mouse over them!!!


Best regards


Hey labombe12345,
I used CSS for that special effect. All you have to do is paste the necessary CSS code for creating mouse over effects. Visit the middle of the following page for information on CSS effects for hyperlinks:…=authoring

Oops, well, i saw it, thanx Kiruna, but what’s that code to paste in, how does this works in the Homestead?

Hello again,
I haven’t used homestead, but this code has to be applied to the HTML of a web page. You might have to go to some advanced HTML view or something to paste the code for any CSS effect in.

P.S. - my name is spelled Kirupa instead of Kiruna =)