Combining and grouping

i am very aggrivated with the grouping and combing option in swift v.3…i cant for the life of me figure out how to simply combine OR group two objects so that i can just grab the two of them and move them together… In the heirarchy box, it says there is a group of two objects, but i cant grab two of them together, what is the point of grouping if they don’t act as a group, and why can i not even get the combine option to be available, it is constantly greyed out. what am i doing wrong?

appreciate an answer…


I dont understand, you should be moving both when you select a single object in a group of two. How you select 1 is by holding ctrl; otherwise it should always be the whole group. :huh:

that is why its so aggrivating to me, i’ve used several animation and design programs, and this SHOULD be a very simple thing, i just can’t think of one good reason why this won’t work the way it should, can you group ANY objects together? and also, what good reason could there be that my combine option is always greyed out, is there some kind of preference i need to change or what? btw, thanks for replying senocular

ok, i just realized that you have to grab the red crosshair in the middle of the group to move both at the same time…but i still dont see why i cant combine the two, is combine only optional with extrusions or what?

Something just doesnt seem to be working for you there. The way you are explaining it is just not how I know it to work :-/