Combo Box

well ive given up tryin to use the combo box component so i wonder does any1 know where or how i can get a combo box which i can link each entry by actionscript for instance

on (release) {



(thinking), you wouldn’t use on release it would be a change handler (a function). The values could be put into a variable and you use the variable to load a new movie.

I’ll have a look and see if I can do it - someone else may have an answer already though…

its ok ive just found out the answer i found a tutorial on a drop down menu kinda thing which will look cool on my flash site so ive used that thanks anyway though


yah nova… you can do just about anything with the combo box… let me know if you run into trouble.

ive got a cool thing now its a drop down menu instead of a combo box But it works cool So im gonna keep that Thanks Every1