Combobox behavior question


I designed my own combobox here since I didn’t like the look of the combobox that ships with Flash and skinning didn’t really work for me as well… :wink:

Now, everything works fine but there’s one behavior that the original component combobox has that I can’t seem to set up for my duplicate.

It is when u pressed the scroll down button and the combobox shows the option menue and you then press outside of the combobox (just somewhere else on the screen) that the combobox rolls back up.

I can’t seem to get this going for my own duplicate. What I tried:

  1. made an invisible button (as bis as my combobox) and applied action script on(releaseOutside)… - did not work

  2. applied the same action script simply on the movieclip that my combobox duplicate is and it didn’t work as well…

It’s probably because I work with a few invisible buttons inside the combobox and they have action script applied and that probably interferes with the one on the big invisible button…

The only thing I need to know is how to check if there was a click outside the combobox.

Any suggestions ?

As always thanx for your help in advance !!!