comboBox HELP!

Hey people!

I am working with the built in comboBox component in Flash MX. I would like the comboBox to list all 50 states in the US and then load and display the users selection in a text box from within the main movie. Once this selection has been made, I want a function that tells the comboBox to move to the next frame or to gotoAndPlay a selected timeline within the main movie. In the comboBox paramaters diolog i have filled out the Lable area with all of the 50 states and the Data area with all of the 50 states abreviations.

Here is what I have been using to make the comboBox play the selected timeline.

function fun() {

This seems to work ok but i still can’t figure out how to load the selection into a text area. I’m sure its all wrong so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!

I have found this bit of code but can’t figure out where to put it

 [size=1]myTxtBox.text = "Text";[/size]