comboBox + movieClip = change color

HI . i have a comboBox + a mc on the stage . from the comboBox selection i want to change the movie clips color .

// comboBOx on change
var colorListener:Object = new Object();
colorListener.change = function(evt_obj:Object)  {
	var Selected:Object =;
	ball_mc.color =;
my_cb.addEventListener("change", colorListener);

im populating the comboBox like this

//populate the comboBox
my_cb.addItem({data:"", label:"Select a Color"});
my_cb.addItem({data:"0x0000FF", label:"Blue"});
my_cb.addItem({data:"0xFF0000", label:"Red"});
my_cb.addItem({data:"0x000000", label:"Black"});
my_cb.addItem({data:"0x009900", label:"Green"});

any help ?
cheers MGT :slight_smile: