ComboBox Q

Hey, I wonderd if it was possible to do so when clicking on one of the options in the ComboBox, it could load an .swf into an container?

Maybe with:

Or something…



if you’re using mx2004, this is the way to go:
use this code on your combobox:

on (change) {

I assume you store the swf names as values in the combobox.

Thanks, im actually at mx, but it looks correct, else I will try some more onchange stuff

Hmm didnt work, said it was a wrong on command or somthing…

i think you need a change handler…

on (change) won’t work for mx components
I don’t know what will, you’ll ahve to look it up in the components dictionary

Cant find it there. Could anyone with mx help me here?
I could also use a GO button, first use the combobox to get the correct label, and then press a GO button, wich loads it. But im not good at As, so could anyone help?


Anyone with mx able to help?

for mx2004, you no longer use change handlers, but listeners. Look up component listeners in the help section of the program…it expains it all. :slight_smile:

fla is coming up :smiley:
or if anybody else is kind enough the code is in the Flash MX forum… same topic