Comments about the design of this guestbook?…ezBook.swf

thanks, leave me a msg on there :slight_smile:
and check the guys site out (flash-db), good stuff there!

any ideas on how to get rid or the “new object” at the end of the posts?..

Thanks for the two constructive comments.

To the other two idiots: get lost and don’t come back, no need for stupid stuff like that, gets deleted right away anyway.

This basic guestbook is just to test out the php-part, no finalized design yet, and when i use somebody else’s stuff, at least i give credit and don’t pretend it’s mine.
So anybody with no access to a database can use this excellent guestbook which relies only on PHP and a simple textfile. If YOU think you can do better, do so and stop bothering (comment for the idiots again).