Communicating Flash / PHP / JS

Hey guys.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here! But lets get down to my problem :slight_smile:

I’m working with cart software called PinnacleCart. It’s a pretty good system, I use it mainly because of the flexibility in the attributes fields, and our products require alot of customization.

The obvious solution here is to add in a Flash customizer, to make it easier for prospective clients to see the changes being made to the items. Inside of the cart software I can select images to upload. I thought about stripping out the validation so I can upload .swf files (edit the product page php to embed if it’s a swf file) and go from there.

Now here is the tough part, for usability reasons I want to remove all the actual attribute options - So the logic is simple, if SWF = true then don’t display attributes.

So, from here I assume when the person clicks ‘add to cart’ I need to run some javascript to grab the attributes from flash, assign them to the javascript attributes, then proceed as normal.

I’m trying to get the logic down correctly. If anyone wants to peek at the code to see If what I said make sense:

If anyone has seen anything similar to this, or have experience developing something similar please do share!


You can see the attributes in the code.