Compiling quiz

Hey guys

i have 4 text fields for answers for a quiz i am making. In my quiz u put in the answers and the question then compile it. So i want to know that how i can get the answers from those 4 textfield and compile them into 4 answers with radiobutons.

i have two buttons in the quiz add_btn and compile_btn. with the add button i add all the 4 different answers and the question to different arrays. 4 answer arrays and 1 question array. so how do i compile them and put them into a quiz like form with radiobuttons.

var arrAns1:Array = new Array;
var index:int = 0;
var j:int;
var MyChoice1:Array = new Array();

MyChoice1 = new Array(arrAns1[index].length);

    for (j=0; j<arrAns1[index].length; j++) {
        MyChoice1[j] = new RadioButton();
        MyChoice1[j].label = arrAns1[index][j];
        MyChoice1[j].value = j;
        MyChoice1[j].width = questionField.width;
        MyChoice1[j].x = questionField.x + 10;
        MyChoice1[j].y = questionField.y + qHeight + (aHeight+5)*j;
        MyChoice1[j].group = rbg;