Complete Newbie- have question

ok I will not pretend I am any good at flash. I started learning 5 days ago and doing it with out a manual and only using software help.

I have created a (very) basic flash animation. I will post link at bottem incase anyone is interested

I have a problem where I have my sound file falling out of synch with my graphics depending on connection speed and resolution of peoples computers etc.

I was wondering if anyone was able to help me to Synchronize (think this is right) my sound file to my images and animations.

I know it has something to do with keyframs in the sound file but the help doesn’t really explain this.

this is the animation I am trying to make.
Hope someone can help me.

PS 56k warning on file as it is 2mb

Your problem could be on the file size of the sound file and its trying to stream it but maybe if you preloaded about 50-75% of the flash project it would run much smoother.

By the way…is that a Dungeon Siege clan?

Hey Griff,
Also try the following tutorial if you need another method:

Kirupa :rambo:

Hey thanx guys.

So my problem isn’t the synch of the file but rather load time?

dan4885 - Nah just an Everquest guild I wanted to learn flash and it was just something to start on.

thanx for the help guys. Will try and see if this helps.

Thanx again


Ok feeling pretty ■■■■ stupid I used the code from the zip that you had a link to and I inserted it but it only gets to 64% and then just sits there

am I missing something?
I made a file called test1.swf

you could change the fps to fit your sound but then your movie would go faster/slower accordingly