Complete Newbie needing help!

Hi all,

I joined a couple of weeks back because I needed a little help, well a lot of help I suppose!

I need to create a vehicle number plate designer for the web. It’s for a mates website and I owe him a favour. I figured flash would be a good place to start, bet there lies a problem. I have no experience with Flash. I can draw shapes and animate them, only I’ve no idea how to have a text box where people can enter their vehicle registration and it show them on the screen what it’d look like. Does this make sense so far?

From what I have read, I can do this in two ways. I can include fonts in the flash file or I can use images. (I have both). What I need to do is be able to type in a registration (i.e. A123 ABC) and click a button (e.g. “Show My Plates”) and it to give a representation of the finished item on screen. There’s also badges (i.e. GB etc), several different font designs, borders and text along the bottom of the plate.

I realise I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but I need to sort this out as cheaply as possible therefore I want to write it.

Can anyone give me any pointers etc? Or a suitable bunch of tutorials I might be able to adapt?

Many Thanks


I take it thats a no then? :frowning:

pm me, I’d be happy to lend a hand. My schedule is pretty tight so it might take a bit but if you’re not in a major rush, I’d be happy to help out.