Complex Button RollOver/RollOut Effects Problem

Hi everyone! I know a lot of people had asked questions about this Complex Button RollOver/RollOut Effects.
I am having the same problems and have not found any answer here on this forum.
Here is the tutorial for the button:

This tutorial is very helpful, but i am having trouble with linking the button to my movie clip container.
In the tutorial the code is this:

[COLOR=#0000d0]this[/COLOR].[COLOR=#0000d0]onRelease[/COLOR] [COLOR=#0000ff]=[/COLOR] [COLOR=#006610]function[/COLOR]COLOR=#0000ff{[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000d0]getURL[/COLOR]COLOR=#0000ff[/COLOR]; [COLOR=#0000ff]}[/COLOR]

I am trying to combine with this tutorial:

But i want the button onRelease to load a swf into my mc_container, but when i click the button it doesn’t load my movies. does anyone know the code i need for this button to load external swf’s into my conatiner, through this complex button?

on (release) { if (_root.currMovie == undefined) { _root.currMovie = “work”; container.loadMovie(“work.swf”); } else if (_root.currMovie != “work”) { if (container._currentframe >= container.midframe) { _root.currMovie = “work”;; } } }
Can someone please help me out?