Complex preloader problem

I have a site that has a basefile that loads in about 30 other .swfs & .pngs. I’m having a really hard time trying to figure out a preloader. Here is my situation

  1. My basefile is 128k. It has 89k of include and import statements and a shared font library with 3 font symbols in it.

  2. On top of that, when the basefile loads, it begins a loop that goes through an array of the .swfs and .pngs and loads them in one at a time.

I need a loader for my basefile and a loader for the external clips that load in. I’d really like one way to do it all.

I thought about making an empty movie that loads a preloader into _level1, and the basefile into _level0. But you can’t keep your _level1 if you replace _level0 right?

Also, i put a preloader on frame1 of my basefile and had all of my include and import statements on frame 3. Would they be part of the preload or part of the delay before the loader appears?