Component list to load a .swf file

Hello All

I hope someone can help me as i am having a problem getting a list component to work. my website it is taking ages to load games.swf as it is 6meg.

I am using the loader component to play frames within a movie clip but this is becoming a problem as the file is growing with pictures and videos.

I dont know how to achieve this as i do not want the loader to say GameBF1942.swf as one of its options i just want it to say Battlefield 1942. and then to change the loader called Gameloader_mc to GameBF1942.swf

Here is the code i am using.

 var myListener:Object = new Object();
myListener.change = function(){
Gameloader_mc.contentPath ="GameBF1942.swf";

I know how to get it to work if i had a button on its own but i dont know how to make it work from a list component, Here is the code im using for a button ([COLOR=RoyalBlue]this is taken from a previous version of our webpage[/COLOR]):pa:

on (release) {

So how do i get the list component to load a diffrent .swf file without having the labels like “GameBF1942.swf” “GameBF2.swf” as i would like it to say “Battlefield 1942” “Battlefield 2”

Any feed back will be most greatful :beer: