Component Problem: Load in 1st Frame?

I am now fully using Flash MX 2004 Pro and am quite happy of the built in components. But I realized that the problem with the load in 1st frame, like in MX’s components, was retained. For example I used the button component on the later part of my movie and made a preloader on the first 3 frames, my movie’s preloader would appear only after the button component is loaded since it is loaded on first frame. In MX 2004 32kb! 32kb? come on that’s too much. So my question is, how can we go about this problem is we want to use components. How can we stop it from loading on first frame. I tried with the components’ linkage properties but to no avail! In MX I downloaded an optimised version of the Flash UI Components and it worked great. Any takers? :-\

try unchecking ‘export in first frame’

You like the new components? I’m not a big fan of them, waayyy too big for their function.

I like the new components because they do shorten the time for development! I did try unchecking the that part in the linkage properties but it still loads on first frame! sigh! :frowning:

Finally found the answer! Thanks norie for the links! :smiley:

no problem, and i think i will add a filter, thanks.