Component's video loads offline, not online

Hello all,

I’m a new Flash user, trying to build a fairly intricate website by newbie standards. I have a basic understanding of Actionscript and OOP, enough to build a fairly nice looking full-featured website. Most of my goals for the website have been met, including dynamic XML content, a dynamic navigation menu, dynamic screenshot galleries… you get the idea.

My current nemesis is a flash video gallery. I’m using xml lists of video locations (different types of video, including flv, wmv, and avi), and I’ve tried both the stock CS4 video player component (FLVPlayback) and the ubiquitous ToobPlayer 1.0. (

Here’s the problem. When I compile the video and view it offline, with either player component, it works beautifully! Loads each video from the XML gallery and performs as requested. When I upload it to an FTP and run the website (in an html file) as an http:// link, the video player component is no longer visible and nothing plays.

It’s driving me ape! Do I need to include some .as files when I upload or something? I can probably provide a link if necessary, but I’d rather not for copyright reasons. If PM’ed i’d be happy to link anyone who thinks they can help.

Anything is appreciated, thanks for reading!