Composing a cd with .exe problem

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]ok here is the situation… i need to be able to launch pdf files from a .exe off a cd. simple enough. the problem starts here… when i wiew the movie using .swf or .exe some images shift a tiny bit and then shif back during some of the animations. (god knows why but it dosent look great) when viewing the movie over a browser however there is no such problem. so here’s where i need help. i would like to launch a browser window with no toolbars and such fit to the flash movie that can launch pdf’s. again, i can launch the .exe from the cd and furthermore launch the pdf’s but some images shift for some reason… is there anyway possible to get around the security features in flash that wont allow you to launch a local file from a .swf file?



never mind! funny for easy it is to forget the simple solutions… RELATIVE LINKS!