Composite color proofs and separated lasers

I’ve designed something in Photoshop and now am ready to send it to the printing company. The company requires this:

[]Must include composite color proofs; separated lasers preferred as well
]Supply printout of the contents of the disk
[]Photoshop files saved as CMYK
]If using Quark EPS files, supply original Quark files
[]Supply all document fonts including fonts for embedded graphics
]No font stylization
[]Please notify in advance if using Multiple Master Fonts
]Minimal resolution 300 pixels per inch. Scaling maximum 125 percent

I understand all but the first point. I did a Google search for it + Photosohp. It didn’t return any tutorials. What exactly are “composite color proofs” and “separated lasers”? Is this even done within Photoshop or do I need another tool?