Comprehensive performance guide?

I’ve looked for a good list of performance best-methods for AS3, and haven’t found much help. Does anyone know of a good writeup on the subject, I’m just buried now to research the dozens of things I’d like to know… (and mostly for things I won’t realize, like the whole silly appendText speedup)

For instance:

Is it Quicker to Check for visibility, and change .visible on a MC if needed or just SET it?

Whats the quickest way to tell if a movieclip is on a display list?

Is swapChildren faster than 2 addChildAt’s?

At how many usages is array-access notation slower than having made a pointer?

etc… etc…

I suppose the answer is I just need to be benchmarking all of these questions as I go back and Optimize, But I would think these would all be common Design questions… . So, must be a good list, somewhere??

Thanks much.