Computer blew up ! 6 years worth of files!

The fan on my computer would not work every once in a while, so i have to poke it with a pencil to get it spinning again :sure: , if i don’t, i wake up sometimes with the house smelling like burnt metal. I was hoping to buy a new power box, (the big power box in the tower that feeds all the power to the motherboard etc) So this morning, i turned it on, and as usual the fan didn’t come on, so i decided to try cleaning the dust out of the fan (with a screw driver! :h: ), i turned off the computer, and started scraping off large amounts of dust from the edges of the frame so the fan didn’t get stopped by the dust, and then the screw driver flew out of my hand and i was shocked big time and all these sparks blasted out of the computer all over the room :krazy: , and all the lights in the room went out and stayed out, the sparks kept coming until i pulled the power wire out of the computer. (even though the computer was off, i should have taken it out long ago, mistake!) Is my hard drive and motherboard fried? Or is it just the power box? I’m going to get it replaced soon, i just need to know :stare:

I’m sure this must have happened to others who work around old computers a lot. :thumb: It’s all good, right?