Computer Science Woes

Hi guys, I’ve been lurking this great site for some time and I decided to finally sign up and ask for your advice on a specific matter. I’ve just finished high school and would like to go on to do a Computer Science degree at university because it has always been something that I’ve been especially intrigued and interested by and so I decided to apply to a couple of good universities for the subject. Thankfully, I was accepted to 2 pretty good universities, one of which is apparently top ranked in Europe but since then I’ve been having major doubts.

Basically, the source for these doubts have come from friends who have done or are still doing Computer Science and they explain to me that it is extremely difficult and that the math involved will basically bore anyone who tries it to death while not providing anything substantially interesting. They showed me a couple of “puzzles” involving certain logic problems, and other problems “like the travelling salesman”. This is where my doubts started, for I was pretty unsure how to solve these and they explained that solving these are the basis for which you can tell if you have the “Computer Science” way of thinking, that special mentality.

I guess I’m just afraid now that I’m not smart enough, and that I won’t be able to handle them. My hopes are that this logical way of thinking can be trained easily, and that I still have a chance because I was eager to know the solutions to the problems, and after explanations I felt like I had gained a slight insight into the “lateral” thinking involved. I really would not like to end up in a top university with the wrong mindset for a subject I am interested in.

Appreciate any advice, and hi everyone! :rambo: