Concatonating text

I’m writing a menu generating script. It’s suppose to display arrays
and any inner arrays. ex:[[COLOR=Black]"[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]test item[COLOR=Black]"[/COLOR][/COLOR],["[COLOR=Red]item 1[/COLOR]",["[COLOR=Magenta]item 2[/COLOR]","[COLOR=Magenta]item 3[/COLOR]"]],"[COLOR=Red]item 4[/COLOR]"];

These movie clips should be displayed if the actionscript is correct.:
[COLOR=Red]test item
item 1 [COLOR=Black]<—this of course, has a following subarray[/COLOR]
item 4[/COLOR]
and the submenu should display:
[COLOR=Magenta]item 2
[/COLOR][COLOR=Magenta]item 3[/COLOR]

I run the script and it see’s the [COLOR=Magenta]inner[/COLOR] array items [[COLOR=Magenta]"[/COLOR][COLOR=Magenta]item 2[/COLOR][COLOR=Magenta]", “item 3”[/COLOR]] and shows them in the next submenu -FINE—but what I get in the main menu to my surprise is ‘run-on text’ in the Dynamic field of that movieclip. ex:

[COLOR=Red]test item [/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]item 1; item 2; item 3 [/COLOR] <—? seems to concatonate inner items in text field
[COLOR=Red]item 4[/COLOR]

I only want to see text “item 1” …not the items associated with it as well.
(they are already displayed in submenu)

…some partial script, …If I haven’t explained it well, I’ll understand if no one responds.

for (var i = 0; i < menuArray.length; i++) {
var menuItemName = “mc_menu_item_” + i;

        if (typeof(menuArray*) == "object") {
            this["mc_menu_box"].attachMovie("h_menu_middle_sub", menuItemName, tempLevel);