Condition problem (if)

I have this conditional statement

if (controller.pauseBTN._visible == false) {
} else {

it’s seem like it’s always false because it always just stops, never goes and plays frame 2

this is a very simple audio loop controller, ‘controller’ is an instance of movie clip with 2 buttons on top of each other, when pauseBTN is released it sets pauseBTN._visible = false and then goes and plays frame 2 in the _parent . that part works perfectly, but then sometimes it gets kicked back to frame 1 where the music loop is, but the pauseBTN is still invisible so my condition should kick back up to frame 2 again (which has: stopAllSounds(); stop(); )

any idea why this is, or maybe a link to some info on how to debug ‘if’ staments

just for curiosity, my movie clip that contains the music an controller keeps getting kick back to frame 1 whenever the user clicks a link that takes them backwards on the main timeline, when they click a link that goes forward it stays on 2, but a backward movement on the timeline causes this movie clip there to rewind to it’s beginning, I have no idea why it does that, if I could make it stop that would solve the problem just as well

thanks in advance for any advice! :slight_smile: