Conditional question

how would I go about showing a sequence of pics (maybe slide show)… the sequence of which (or group or folder or ???array…dunno what it would be) depends on a certain condition being met. that is…if it’s one thing show this group and if it’s another show that group ??

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That’s tough. It would really depend upon what the code was for showing the pics in the first place. Probebly it’s just an “if…else” statement.



yeah…i know… I have no idea how to do that…wondered if anyone did or if it CAN be done…

i suppose a bunch of pics could b all in one movieclip but that’s a lot to load…:-\

are you using Flash 5.0 or MX?

Why doesn’t anybody read the sticky… :frowning:

I’m using mx :slight_smile:

you could probably do a series of movie clips and use telltarget… like say you got a group of 4 or somthin… they could be buttons within a movie clip… and when you click a button it will load more movie clips up… whatever pics you wanna show… so all you would have to do is


thats just assuming you have all the pics on the first frame of a movie clip… and from there if you wanted them to be buttons too you could do the same concept… like if you click one of them… it will go to a frame within the same movie clip with a full sized picture or somthing…

maybe i misunderstood… i think i just said more of a photo gallery but maybe you can access them with the same concept… like if your condition is met… then


lol sorry if i got this wrong… not sure i totally understand what you are trying to accomplish

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