I m really confused … As most of u already know or have noticed before :
Flash Player 6 and 7 wouldnt show u the correct size of a compressed swf when u use the methods (unfortunately so does flash 8 )
“getBytesLoaded()” and “getBytesTotal()”. And i ve always thought “this is a big bug for a plug in like Flash Player” ( am i have the right to call this “a bug” ? ) Today i was doin something with flash and as i ve done before, i was writing the code to show the ( nearly ) right size of the movie for the preloader. I guess i saw the right size of the movie in internet explorer ( since my flash environment duznt have flash player 8 yet ). I was happy to see it… got so happy that i got silly to write something about it on layer51. grrr… :look:

Now i can see that s not the case. Thought around if that has to do someting with publish settings … i tried to publish for flash player 8 ( i didnt think that would work though ). Then i tried some flash player 8 examples to see if they show the right file size as they r preloaded. But no … flash player still show the uncompressed size of my swf s when “getBytesTotal()” and “getBytesLoaded()” are used. Someone knows about this issue ? or have an idea if Macromedia is doin something about this or not

[ please let me know if i m unaware of a solution to this that has been already
adressed ]
cheers …