Contact Form Problem

I am new to Flash. I am using MX 2004, Firefox, and Gmail. I am working with a template that has a contact form. There are four static text fields. I have named their instances name, address, telephone, and body. Here is the actionscript I have for the send button…

on (release) {
getURL("mailto:[email protected]?subject=Danville&body=name+address+telephone+body");
_parent.t1_2 = “Your full name:”;
_parent.t2_2 = “E-mail address:”;
_parent.t3_2 = “Your telephone:”;
_parent.t4_2 = “Message:”;

These fields were named t1_2, t2_2, t3_2, and t4_2. This works to bring up the email, and to reset the form. This however does not work to put the user input text into an email. Can you guys please help me?