Contact form using php

ok, so i’ve made this contact form based on the tutorial on kirupa’s site with flash but i’ve just used the php side of it.

$sendTo = "emailaddress";
$subject = "From mail: " . $_POST["subject"];

$headers = "From: " . $_POST["author"];
$headers .= "<" . $_POST["email"] . ">
$headers .= "Reply-To: " . $_POST["email"] . "
$headers .= "Return-Path: " . $_POST["email"];
$message = $_POST["text"];

mail($sendTo, $subject, $message, $headers);

i got it workin no probs, what i want to do is when it’s done its business i want to return it back to a page saying that it has sent the message on…

how would i do that… i’ve looked around a bit, and only being a noob at php, a big noob, i couldnt really find something that i would know that would work…

your help would be great! thanks :smiley: :thumb: