Continous button

Hi, I have another question!

I’m making a map now and i wanne be able to zoom in and then move around the map using a button. You understand? No? Allright then: First I want to zoom in. (I know how to do that) Then on the left of my map I would like a button, and if you press that button the map schould move to right, left??

Can someone help me how to make a continous button like that?

Is this what ur looking for?

Yes something like that, but how can i make it go smooth. instead of jumping to that point directly?

If you want to move right or left “smoothly” then you need to have a horizontally long single mc with whatever u want to show in it. Then when u click the right button u will have a masked motion tween with ease to the right and similarly to the left.

I hope this helps and hope I didnt confuse you a lot!

Sorry but you did :crazy: :slight_smile: Here you can see what i mean beneath you see arrows and when you rollover the map moves. I want to do that to, but how. Please explain again??

The zoom in version of the map is the original map that they have. They have it in another mc.

When you click on the righ/left/top/down button it moves the mc according to pixel position. They have a motion tween in place that will give you that sliding effect.

Think I got it!

one more question: how do you lett the button function continously??

or can you give me something like that in .fla??

I can not give you the fla that I have. That is the reason that I have you a screen shot.

To have the button function continuously just take out the key frames that are there in the one that I showed you. Just have one big motion tween. Hope this helps!

hmm, right…

Are you sure you cannot post me the fla. else you just delete the importent thing (exept the button:o )


Positive. Sorry!

I could try, couldn’t I?

can you just make me a continous button because I don’t really understand that??

Don’t worry I got it!


Thnx srinivas :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: