Continuous scrolling: Stop and Start?

Hey Kirupians,
I am trying to build my own ‘newsscroller’.
So I made 3 mc’s that have 3 different sentences in them.
These were put in a row to get a horizontal band and converted into a mc. Everything works.
Now I wanted this horizontal band of text to be a continuous scrolling one … That works, too.
But I would like the band stop scrolling when I go over it with the mouse.

After reading there are probs deleting an onClipEvent (enterFrame) {, I changed my script to the following.
Now my scrolling stops, yet I cannot start it again??
Is there a way to ‘undelete’ :slight_smile: the hitTest? My brain is completely blank. Hm, …
Any suggestion will be gratefully appreciated :wink: Thanks.

onClipEvent (load) {
	onEnterFrame = function(){
	//generating movement
	location = this._x;
	var i;
	i = 1;
	if (this, hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {
		 delete this.onEnterFrame;
	if (this, hitTest(_root.containerMC.block)) {
		this._x = 4;
	} else {
		this._x = location-i++;