Contolling an externally loaded timeline

Hello everyone,

I’m having a problem controlling an externally loaded timeline.

On my main timeline I have several thumbnails which all works as buttons. On the press of one of these buttons I want a button I want movieclip to open in an empty movieclip and then go to a specific frame. On each specific frame of the loaded movieclip an action is executed:


My problem is that I cannot get the button on my main timeline to jump to a specific frame on the loaded movieclip.

i’ve made a function detection wether or not the whiteDisplay is loaded

whiteDisplay = function () {
    loadMovie("content/printDisplay.swf", _root.empty_mc);
    whiteDisplayLoaded = true;

this.right_menu.btn_1a.onPress = function() {
if (whiteDisplayLoaded == true) {

be aware that I am not the sharpest of actionscripters, should you be able to help.

I would really appreciate your help…