Control External MC With Keypress?

[FONT=Georgia]Hey guys - I’m a noob (someone has to be) and i’ve got a bit of a prob,
I don’t use Flash all the time so my grasp of AS aint so hot sorry, here it is:

I have a mainmovie.swf and am loading in external.swf into a blank movieclip with loadmovie, on the external.swf I have this:

on(keyPress “<Right>”){

which works fine. My question is, how could I get this to work the same in the main.swf?

Also please note that the main.swf is stopped at this point and the external.swf has a number of different actions on different frames, so I am looking for someway to maintain the external.swf’s actions and somehow make them just work through the toplevel if you know what I mean??? Sorry if thats a bit confusing!!!

Cheers guys. Jimbo!![/FONT]