Control external swf buttons

I have a dynamic txt frame in my main swf. When buttons are selected, text from an external txt file loads into the text frame. This all works fine.

What I would like to do is be able to load an external swf into an empty MC and then be able to dictate what the buttons on the external swf do (such as load text).

The last line of the below AS is my attempt to path to a button that is on an external swf

//_root.1.noiseaudio.easing.theText.sad.onPress = function () {
but that didn’t work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

// start here. This is on a frame on the _root swf.

System.useCodepage = true
path = “text/”;
txt.text = “loading data…”
loadData = new LoadVars();
loadData.onLoad = function() {
txt.htmlText = this.output;

bio.onPress = function () {
news.onPress = function () {
scribble.onPress = function () {
_root.1.noiseaudio.easing.theText.sad.onPress = function () {

I should probably add, the buttons on the external swf are in a scroll pane, that’s why there is such a long path.

1MC is the empty MC on _root
noiseaudio is the external swf (noiseaudio.swf)
easing is a MC instance in noiseaudio.swf
theText is a MC instance in easing
sad is the instance of the dynamic text pane

I’m sure the below is entirely incorrect. I get a syntax error whenever I try any sort of path = function

_root.1MC.noiseaudio.easing.theText.sad.onPress = function () {

recently changed 1MC to MC1 avoid # conflict, no change.

I have solved this problem.