Controlling and Preloading Seperate SWFs on a website

Ok… here is what I have got…

My Website opens, its written in HTML… There is a “Navigation” FLash at the top of the page which opens up HTML documents into the “Main Frame” below.

Ok now… When the Website first loads up, In the Main frame of the page I want a flash swf to play as an intro to the website (Its a band website). Once the (intro) Swf ends I want it to tell the Navigation Flash Menu Swf to go ahead and show the buttons so people can navigate.

Thats my first problem, or task to solve.

2nd… If it is possible to control Swf’s from an external one it must be possible to preload them aswell right? So what I want to do, is the site to load up… and all the preloading done from the Navigation Swf to account for both Swfs (Intro and Navigation)

Makes sense? Hope you can help…