Controlling Clip Location with other Clip location

That title was admittedly confusing…but I don’t know a better way of putting it. I want to create an effect like is on The small map in the right hand corner controls the large map in the middle. I have a version that is a little bit different, but essentially the same. It has a clip in the middle (mine is a drag and drop instead of having scrolling buttons), and it has a zoom in and out function. The zoom is where I get completely lost because I don’t know how to relate the two objects with the correct equation especially when the size will be changable. If anyone can point me to a tutorial or another thread that discusses any of this, that would be fantastic…I don’t expect you to write all of the script for me, but just point me in the right direction.


This is not exactly what you want, but the technique is similar to the draggable menu tutorial. You can find it on this site, and what should interest you is in part 2.

And I’m not sure about what the problem is exactly? Is it to do the effect, or to be able to be able to change the size?

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Thanks, I will check out the tutorial when I get home. I guess that the problem is both…I don’t know how to do either. I know how to resize movie clips, so I don’t think that will be a problem, it was really that i wasn’t sure how to change the size and still maintain the drag limits on the smaller map, but I think that I found a previous thread that talks about this. So everything seems to be possible with just stuff found on this site…amazing.