Controlling main timeline?

I’m having serious problems in trying to control the main timeline (as in scene 1, where you start from) from within a movie clip. The scenario at the moment is that I’ve got a list of buttons in a movie clip, that clip is within another movie clip which is placed on the main time line. So basically what I’m trying to do is that when any of those buttons are clicked it should play that movie clip and at the end of it should jump to a corresponding scene depending on which button was pressed. I tried using variables but couldn’t get it working.

Does anyone here have any ideas how I can make it work?? By the way this happens to be an urgent problem so any quick responses would be majorly appreciates !



So basically, what you’re trying to do is just to another scene, right ? If so, you have to label your scenes, and then gotoAndPlay them.
Hope this helps.
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thanks pom,
let me make things a bit more clear (I hope so…) what I have is list made up of different items (names) in a movie clip. when I click on any one of these items, the effect is basically that the list falls down and fades away…
So the way it should work is that when a name is clicked the list falls down and fades away and as soon as it disappears the movie should jump to the scene which has the details of that particular item(which has been clicked). Now I do understand what you meant by simply using “gotoandplay” but the problem is that all this is happening within a movie clip, which as I’ve mentioned above needs to be played first and then would change the scene. so for some reason I’m unable to control the main timeline from within the movie clip… i.e jumping to different scenes.
I am totally lost now as I know my logic is correct but cant seem to pin point where the problem is . <img src= ALT=":o"> /

Anyway if you can think of any other way of acheiving this desired result then do let me know.

Thanks again,


OK, my answer is going to be the same. The thing you’re trying to do from your movie clip is something like
gotoAndPlay (“scene 2”,1) ; and it doesn’t work, is that right ?
If it is, the thing you have to do is : in the 1st frame of scene 2, label it with a name you can’t mistake for anything else, for example “sendmail” if it’s a page to send a mail, and replace your code with :
gotoAndPlay (“sendmail”) ;
This is how it works. Hope you’re gonna make it work.

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Hey… ilyaslamasse keeps accidentally saying “scene” instead of “frame”. He REALLY REALLY KNows what he’s talking about in all things.

(I’m never going to forgive myself for confusing this issue.)

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