Controlling movieclips with an IF function

Hi all i got a slight problem

I have created 3 movieclip buttons which have a total of 3 states each
UP, OVER and Pressed.

What i am wanting to do is create a fuction that will change the state of an already pressed button back to its UP state. For example

Button one is press and will stay in its state untill button 2 or 3 are presses then it will revert back to its up state.

My way of tackling the problem was to target a frame in the movie clip that I wanted to change such as this:

on (rollOut) {
on (press) {
on (press) {

as you can see nothing to it. but I then released that when I had more than two buttons using this fuction it then became obsolete due to the fact that the button would play a portion of the frame that I did not want to appear on screen.

I am a newbie to flash so complex scripting was not an option for me. Im not sure on how to approch this. I think an if statement is what i am looking for but how would you apply to this.

I want a statement that basically says for e.g

If button 1 is on the pressed state then when button 2 or 3 are pressed revert back to your up state (Im guessing i would have to apply this to all 3 buttons).

Ok thats it, If any one as any idea to how I can solve this pain in the neck or if anyone could point to any online tutorials that relate to my problem that would be great.



i have also included a sample of what i am working on