Controlling multiple movie clips

I’ve been trying to figure out how to control five(forever growing) different movie clips with the same script. i used to just duplicate the script and change the instance names but that will not work this time. does any one know a way to set up your script?
here’s the code:

back_btn.onRollOver = function() {
first_mc.onEnterFrame = function() {
back_btn.onRollOut = back_btn.onReleaseOutside = function() {
delete first_mc.onEnterFrame;

i need a second_mc and a third_mc (ect.) added to this

in theory this should work but does not:

first_mc.onEnterFrame = second_mc.onEnterFrame = function()

Instead of naming your movie clips ‘first_mc’, ‘second_mc’ and so on, but instead name them ‘mc_1’, ‘mc_2’ and so on and use this script:

[color=royal blue]function[/color] your_function(your_instance) {
	back_btn.[color=royal blue]onRollOver[/color] = [color=royal blue]function[/color]() {
	your_instance.[color=royal blue]onEnterFrame[/color] = [color=royal blue]function[/color]() {
	[color=royal blue]this[/color].[color=royal blue]prevFrame[/color]();
	back_btn.[color=royal blue]onRollOut[/color] = back_btn.[color=royal blue]onReleaseOutside[/color] = [color=royal blue]function[/color]() {
	[color=royal blue]delete[/color] your_instance.[color=royal blue]onEnterFrame[/color];
	your_instance.[color=royal blue]stop[/color]();

*//Change the [color=red]5[/color] to the number of movie clips.*
[color=royal blue]for[/color](i=1; i <= [color=red]5[/color]; i++) {
	your_function([color=light blue]"mc_"[/color] + i);

hmmmnnn… it doesn’t work. I tried it but the script doesn’t work at all now. I’m not sure if i am going about it the right way or what exactly i 'm doing wrong. confused

post a .zip file with the .fla inside and ill take a look at it