Controlling position of data loaded in a text field

Hi, \r\rI have a scrolling text field, data on a text file (externalVariables.txt) and buttons. Data loads upon pressing the buttons using the following method: \r\ron the main timeline: \r\rloadVariables (“externalVariables.txt”, “_root”); \r\ron each button: \r\ron (release) { \rtext = variable; \r} \r\rThe problem is the following: if someone presses a button, scrolls down 5 lines and then presses another button, the new data will be displayed from line 5 instead of line 1. \r\rHow do I control the position of the data, so the text is always displayed from line 1? \r\rThanks. \rStephanie

set your text fields scroll value to 1 whenever you change content.