Controlling SWFs

Should be simple but…I can’t figure this out!
I am attaching an external SWF to a movie clip instance with loadMovie but I can’t control it. The SWF plays fine on its own so that’s not the issue. It starts playing as soon as it is loaded. I am using myInstance.gotoAndStop() but it won’t stop. Is there anway to control the SWF? I can manipulate the movie clip instance but it doesn’t seem to affect the SWF.
Please help before I lose more hair.

You have to navigate through the amin movie too!
Like if you have the swf loaded into an mc: [mc]
and in the loaded movie you would put it
then you’ll just have to make it like this in the main movie:;
That was just an example…
I hope you got it right :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
Sorry but I couldn’t follow your examples.
Does the mc instance have to be as many frames in length as the SWF that is attached to it?
Can I not stop() the main timeline and just run the instance of the SWF?