Controlling the blinker?

[FONT=Arial]This is a simple question…

Is it possible to reposition the blinker in a text box?

I have a text box and the user can press a key to add a specific string and I’ve already done that. The problem is the blinker ends up between whatever the user typed and the new string, so they have to move the blinker to the end before resuming typing which is, needless to say, very annoying.

I was wondering if there was any sort of actionscript that can check and/or modify the position of the blinker.

Something like:

on (keyPress "*") {
  //Move blinker to the end of the textbox here

:thumb: Thanks in advance.


its called the caret and I dont think its possible with flash, but I havent looked/tried

myText.onChanged = function() {
    myBlinker._x = myText._x+myText.textWidth;

:look: he’s talking about the caret…

I believe only a getter is available for the caret position.